As we are all stuck at our homes struggling between the want to be productive and the inevitable mood to laze around, let me make it a bit easy for you by sharing some perspective.

This quarantine is an opportunity for some, while vacation for the others, it’s a chance to build that online website for some while a break from the daily hectic schedule for the rest. A couple of people are using this time to devote to their fitness and health, while some are simply going with the flow while trying new home cooked cuisines every day. What I am trying to say is that productive or not, this time is definitely impacting us in a lot of ways as it’s hard to live with the uncertainty of what our future holds. Therefore, instead of being harsher on yourself, try to unwind and do what you really feel like doing rather than feeling obligated to achieve something. This is not a game where you have to cross levels, but an unwanted scenario, that only demands that you’re emotionally and mentally safe first before excelling in your career or any other field for that matter.

We are all different in our own ways, so let’s embrace that and be more mindful of our breathing. Life is already a challenge and its throwing new hurdles at us every day, so remember that you decide your vibe, in order to reflect positivity, you need to feel positive, and that would only be accomplished if you don’t feel the need to be answerable. You are surviving this pandemic, be proud of yourself. Sit back and relax, as you binge watch your favorite show, or read through the week, try meditating if you haven’t already, coz believe me it’s a life changer. Its’ also totally okay to get into the sleeping beauty mode and give your eyes the natural Botox it deserves. Love yourself, feel the love and spread the love!

Before Sunset & Sunrise

After a storm, comes a rainbow

And flowers remind us how important was rain

But what if I say I find both beautiful, be it the rising sun or the shining moon

We care too much for  what is lacking, and fear appreciating the present

But before jumping to conclusion, I just need to ask a few questions

Will you like the summer if there were no winters?

Would the bright sky bring you solace if you haven’t survived the night?

Sun brings you comfort but moon shows the reality

While sun is like your mother, moon acts as a guiding angel

For your battles are meant to be fought alone, you’ve come here to be on your own

Yes, the sun reminds us we aren’t alone, but the moon guides us back home

But I condemn none, and adore all of it, as both are important to give us meaning

While the sun shows us all the bright places, the moon teaches us the lessons of life

Think about it?

I had a dream, I was sliding in rainbows

Flying to the moon, crossing the scare crows

To a parallel universe, a land full of softies

Where unicorns came as chauffer, taking me to my bed of cotton candies

This world is a bit too strange; it has things in all range

Everything from food to clothes are free, money doesn’t exist for a change

Cars emit stardust, rendering the climate pollution free

The nature smells fresh, for the environment is full of trees

Swimming in the magical lake, as friends with dolphins I make

All the beings speak the same language; none of the birds are put into cage

Greeting everybody with a smile, angels exist, mom’s don’t lie

And so does devils, the root of all sins, where integrity is challenged their atrocities begin

But just after the nightmare, the sky rains flowers

Varying in all colors, gushing out in power

Races, cultures, genders and religions

None of them exist, bearing all under the same wing

Everything seems ordinary, yet one thing raises concern

How is everybody so happy, is there nothing to make the hearts burn?

For here the one thing that people lack, that is desire to want more

It’s the desire the feeds your soul but the desire that can make your mind sore

Appreciating the small things is ordinary, getting even slightly more is luxury

It’s a parallel universe indeed, nobody has time to dig into the absence, since everybody is busy living in the present!

Monsters in my head

We learn to run away from situations.

from fights, clashes or any sort of mutilation.

Still one thing we can’t run away from, it’s our own thoughts created by our own mind, the very root cause of all the problematic creation.

Where do these monsters hide and how do I convince them to stay quiet?

Quiet as they won’t vacate my space, they’re like those unwelcomed guests.

Projecting all sorts of imaginations, forcing us to prepare for the worst.

The way they dictate our thoughts is as uncanny as the effect it has on us, well it physically hurts.

Overthinking, they call it, while some name it  anxiety, these monsters are wild in nature, so fierce, they do not need to be planted, they grow out naturally.

How can you get rid of something so natural, though it’s created by mind, which makes it physical, is it a game where we have to play till it dies? However, a game always have another level , while you feel accomplished, there awaits a bigger monster.


Family is all we got, but what is family?

Yes, it’s where we take birth, but does that make it our home?

Home is where you’re safe and sound, but is it only because we share the same blood?

Blood can go wrong, once it’s infused with the taste of bitterness, where frustration dwells.

And dwells the mix of fear, sorrow and confinement, but honey they’re fam, what’s to hide?

Hide and seek is not just a game we play till the child within us stays alive.

It continues to hold its charm as we become prey to silence and use it to hold our lies.

I do not say family is bad, but can we for once look at the other side?

Where understanding is scarce, the demand for love makes the closest to collide.

Break the barrier but don’t lose your roots, continue to shower them with warmth.

But warmth just the perfect amount, as too much heat would burn you down, when the water of emotions won’t suffice.

Life in Quarantine

So many thoughts riding in anticipation Is it universe’s way of saving its own creation? Or is it just another chance to build relations?
Cravings & mood swings & cranky little munchkins Locked up in their own houses social media is the king Nothing lasts forever they say this too shall pass But a lesson learnt by everyone this is God’s free class
Learning new skills with each passing day From cooking to dancing to how this quarantine we slay A lockdown surprised us more than having flying cars Is a lockdown needed to realize the importance of every day?
No more taking for granted the sound of busy streets And the smell of cheesy pizzas at our friends’ treat And the sound of traffic honks and the games of marathon Losing access to all, the busier days are gone
Will the workaholics realize the importance of family? Will the extroverts learn the bliss of staying at home? Where will all the travelers wander right now? It’s their time this time, the introverts, they will steal the throne
Funny how God’s one child had to be imprisoned to save the other It’s our planet burning in ashes, under God’s shelter it will now thrive As the sound of birds are clearer now and the sky is visible in the absence of smoke Plants are going wild and nature is at play, it’s the time of their lives now coz the universe heard them pray
I could beg the universe to give us another chance But on what basis shall I put forward this demand. Will the humans alter their ways to save their planet earth? Or yet again will they defy the grace with which they are served?


Just like the air which is free and beyond measure sometimes our souls want to achieve a similar kind of leisure
We give out our everything to something or somebody but in the process of strengthening that bond we manage to lose our sanity
It’s healthy to have abundance of love and energy for everything around still is not worth the effort to lose control over our emotions and be left mentally unsound
Where ‘live, love and laugh’ is given immense importance, peace is always neglected for peace is the driving force behind everything, through peace our true selves be reflected
Never isolate yourself but know how to equally hold your feelings in check, when you take a strong stance for your peace, nothing can mess with your happiness, making you a wreck

Be your own valentine!

For those who spend all their lives searching for that someone, someone who will be their forever valentine, little do they realize the significance of loving themselves, it’s only you who can make your eyes shine. Yes, love is real but it’s also true that real love begins from within first, if you can love others, why can’t you love YOU? Go to that Chinese restaurant and buy those flowers, but only to hide it inside your closet before someone else gets a chance to get it on behalf of you. What is life if it hasn’t been spent doing things that make your heart smile, how can you expect others to be affectionate towards you when you constantly indulge in self-defile! Starting today make it a mission to pamper your soul, read that book or learn ballet but don’t just survive to play your role. Life is abundant and the opportunities are endless, your love is wholesome which nobody else deserves but one, you are the one, you are complete, who is not looking for a better half coz you are not just a piece. Live life to the fullest and love more than that, but don’t forget to love yourself first because you are your only constant.

It is okay to believe in Unicorns!

Do unicorns exist, or will it continue to remain a topic of debate? By unicorn I don’t always mean the surreal white horse with a magical horn, it is the bearer for every other belief of varied individuals, beliefs that have been laughed upon yet beliefs so real that couldn’t be shaken despite any events of a storm. So coming back to my question, finding myself yet again talking about unicorns, there’s a strange power within my system, a power that negates all the conventional norms. What if they exist, what if just like them my all other fantasies hold true, but only to get physically exposed to my imagination, I have to hold on to the thought long enough to let the world enjoy its view. Well, how do I incorporate within myself that faith, a faith that survives all my blues, the only way is to go beyond the conscious mind and let my sub-conscience take the clue. The power of the subconscious mind is not know to all, but it’s only the sub-conscience that bears them all, it bears the capacity to comprehend what you think, to decipher your thoughts and bring it to reality in a blink. Before you stop reading and assert this delusive, take a look in the mirror and see if you’re indeed exclusive, the fact is that the only way to decide whether it holds true, is to practice the art of belief and see it come through. I assure you that there is no greater power in the world except for you; it’s you who can control your life if for once you decide to rule. Starting today take an oath, take the leap of faith and in its tune you roll, witness the magic that follows right after, you deserve to experience the life that couldn’t get any better!
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